An update on Iagon and its liquidity pool

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3 min readApr 25, 2023

For the reader who has followed my Twitter account for a while, they know I am a supporter of Iagon for the simple reason I believe Cardano needs a storage provider solution. For full disclosure, as part of my work, I also started running a staking pool for Iagon for its liquidity project, which we will talk more about. But first, let us look at some of the happenings that have been leading up to this.

Recently Iagon has recovered from the cyberattack that brought the Nomad Bridge project to a halt, and it affected its ERC-20 tokens. This showed how much Iagon cared for the Cardano ecosystem and community when they decided to migrate fully to Cardano and also created a solution for every Iagon holder to recover from the Nomad bridge hack with their Tokens intact on the Cardano network in Cardano Native Tokens (CNT). This speaks confidence in the project, and that Iagon is dedicated to the Cardano ecosystem.

Iagon also published an update on its Tokenomics and is leading the way by creating ADA handles for easy tracking and publicly disclosing all of the wallets they have holding Iagon.

Screenshot 25th April 2023 from the article on Iagons Tokenomics

As one can see, Iagon still has a lot of tokens available to fuel its growth, and it is currently focusing resources on such things as providing Liquidity on Decentralized Exchanges and marketing. Having moved fully over to Cardano, it is only natural that Iagon needs to focus on getting liquidity for its Cardano Native Token (IAG) onto the Cardano Decentralized Exchanges (DEX).

Here Iagon has offered an interesting solution with a liquidity pool where you can delegate, and if you also are providing liquidity to a DEX, you actually gain more Iagon tokens in return. This is something else and new compared with an Initial Staking Pool Offering (ISPO) in that it collects ADA for Iagon while rewarding users with more Iagon tokens for providing liquidity and this is called a Liquidity pool. Recently on the Iagon Telegram they published an Excel spreadsheet where you can see how rewards will pan out depending on how much you delegate, and how much is provided in liquidity compared with the total from all delegators. It is said that a further article will come out on this soon. In the meantime I have done some quick math:

As an example assuming 3,48 million ADA delegated to the pool with 300k Iagon and ADA provided as liquidity over 73 epochs any individual delegating 5000 ADA and 2000 Iagon tokens and ADA in a liquidity pool would earn 70769 Iagon. The same pool with twice the ADA delegated, and liquidity provided would give the individual delegator of 5000 ADA and 2000 IAG/ADA liquidity 35246 Iagon tokens. This example shows it could be interesting to get in early but also that even with roughly 7 million delegated to the pool the number of Iagon tokens would be quite high for the individual delegator who also provides liquidity through one of the DEX’s.

As with all projects on Cardano, it is recommended to do your own due diligence and research if the project has merit. I did a look at the Iagon whitepaper a year ago that maybe could be helpful for the reader to get an introduction into what Iagon is trying to achieve.

If you are unsure how to delegate to the Iagon Liqudity pool and what to do so the ticker is IAGL1 and pool id is pool1ztk6dcj2nc3plnujf3ek6jqngtx8hcryufz56lyumemlcy2xxn0

In Eternl you can delegate in 3 steps and same in Yoroi:



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