Ergo Nvidia miner on Windows 10 / Windows WSL with stratum pool

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This is a community member made guide and is not an offical Ergo source.

This guide will help you setup an Ergo Nvidia Miner on Windows 10 / Windows WSL and mine to a stratum pool instead of your own node.

How to set up an Ergo Nvidia Miner on Windows 10 / Windows WSL with stratum pool for mining.

The miner and stratum proxy software will communicate with other computers and requires an internet connnection
You require a dedicated Nvidia GPU for this guide with more than 2GB of ram. The exact amount will depend on miner implementation. In later epochs for Ergo you will need even more than 2GB of ram.
Warning: Do not attempt to dual mine as the process is memory sensitive and it will corrupt your hash results.
This guide assumes you allready have a running stratum proxy server see guide:

Step 1: Get visual studio software for compiling on windows 10:

Link to Visual studio:

Step 2: Download Cuda toolkit. (do this only AFTER install visual studio as it will add compiler tools to visual studio).

Link to Cuda toolkit for Windows 10:

Step 3: Install git for windows

Step 4: Install OpenSSL 1.02 for windows

Make sure you correct the folder directory in the next instructions to where the OppenSSL-Win64 is installed.

Step 5: Start the visual studio compiler environment command line

Step 6: In the visual studio compiler environment load the x64 variables

Step 7: while still in the visual studio compiler environment create on your disk a git clone of curl

(Here I cloned curl into D:\src\curl)

Step 8: Checkout latest release of curl with git (you can find latest release here:

Step 9: Prepare then compile curl to get a libcurl libary with ssl support.

(First buildconf.bat then cd winbuild, then nmake /f mode=dll MACHINE=x64 WITH_SSL=dll WITH_DEVEL=C:\OpenSSL-Win64\ ) Make sure you change the OpenSSL directory to where you installed OpenSSL in step 4

Verify you have built curl with ssl by going to the build folder bin (for binary) directory, in this case the D:\src\curl\builds\libcurl-vc-x64-release-dll-sll-dll-ipv6-sppi\bin\curl.exe and pass the command — version

Step 10: Gheck what architecture you are on for your Nvidia card, then Git clone the reference miner and edit the winbuild compiler info.

Using this link: I can see my ampere card can use 86 architecture.

Now we have the info we need to edit the winbuild of the reference miner so lets git clone it into our source folder and then edit the winbuild.cmd file:

This is the default. We then change the architecture and we change the libcurl directory as well as where curl and OpenSSL is

Step 11: Compile, copy libcurl.dll and make config

Compiling will take a while and will produce a few warnings but if you set up everything correctly — no errors.

Get the libcurl.dll from the binary folder we compiled curl.exe

Drop it off in the miner compiled directory

Save the config.json and make sure it points you your stratumproxy as in the stratumproxy guide

Step 12: Run the miner with the proxy running at the same time.

And thats it ! You should now start to see work accepted in the stratumproxy

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