ErgoStratumProxy on Windows WSL for mining Ergo cryptocyrrency to a mining pool.

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This is a community member made guide and is not an offical Ergo source. V2 29th January 2021 — updated for new ErgoStratumProxy method of passing along arguments to client.js

This guide will help you setup an Ergo Stratum Proxy on Windows WSL

How to set up an Ergo Stratum Proxy on Windows WSL

The stratum proxy software will communicate with other computers and requires an internet connnection

Step 1: Adding WSL to your windows build so you can set up a stratum proxy with a Linux distro.

This guide follows the Microsoft guide:, it assumes you do not have a preview version of windows 10 so that we have to manually install WSL.

Make sure you have Windows 10 Version 1903 or higher, with Build 18362 or higher. Check it in program “systeminfo” under version number.

Then open Powershell as an administrator:

Copy, paste and hit enter in powershell:
dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux /all /norestart

Copy, paste and hit enter in powershell:
dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:VirtualMachinePlatform /all /norestart

write into powershell and hit enter:

Download and install latest WSL update:

Go to the microsoft store and install ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) (or any other linux distro you prefer), you will need to create a linux user/password

Get windows terminal so you can easily multi tab between windows/ubuntu distro:

Congratulations you have now gotten Windows WSL Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) installed that you can use with for example Windows Terminal.

Step 2: Installing ErgoStratumProxy

Start Ubuntu 20.04 in the Windows terminal:

Install NVM and Nodejs as per this guide:

curl -o- | bash

Restart terminal (close and start again)

Type and hit enter: nvm install 14.4.0

Git clone the ErgoStratumProxy by typing and enter:
git clone

Then type and hit enter:
cd ErgoStratumProxy/
npm install

Next step is simpe start node client.js and pass along the address of pool, the port and your address.(name) such as for example:
node client.js -s -p 10251 -u 3WvoxocNQsu8dupNs2s9pT7xzYMjX9h5JzFPRNearvi2ELSrtFmB.anptest

If you want you can also pass along the listen port with -l and if your worker has a password with -w

Final step to take is to edit your miner config.json and changing { “node” : “" } to “” since your stratum proxy is running from port 3000 by default. You can edit this in client.js if you want.

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