Hosting an Iagon Storage container in Proxmox

ADA North Pool
4 min readJan 1, 2024

Proxmox is a powerful virtualization platform that can be used to better manage your computer resources over time as it allows flexibility in what OS’s and how you divide the computer resources.

In this short guide, we won't go into the technical details of installing Proxmox, but will show how to set up a ZFS filesystem then use that filesystem in a container on Proxmox and use the Iagon Mainnet CLI to register a node for storage.

Step 1 Create a ZFS filesystem (I prefer no compression as that would give a higher CPU load)

Notice the 3 disks selected and RAIDZ (meaning 1 disk in redundancy) I recommend at least RAIDZ2 on anything above 4 disks.

Step 2 Download a template (for example Ubuntu) for the Container

Here we selected the template Ubuntu 22.04 and downloaded it.

Step 3 Create a container with the template

Step 4: Console into the container and create a user and make it the owner and group owner if the mounted Iagon folder, switch to the iagon user then download the Iagon client and make it read write, and executable.

Step 5 Start the node and the registration process

Step 6
Take backups of the folder iagon-node and also write down or take a backup of the auth code you get when registering. An example of doing this would be to activate ssh into the container and using program such as putty and winscp to create the ssh connection and also a scp transfer with the ssh connection:

Notice the auth key is sensitive so it could be a good idea to write this down or store it cold by transfering it with an usb stick to an air-gapped (well be sure that there is nothing else on the transfering usb stick) computer or two and with some redundant copies. The iagon-node folder also is important to keep as sensitive and important files as it has the the api key for the node.

Step 7: Register on the app and add node and pay the iagon token cost for doing so.

Hope this is helpful. If you like my guide please consider delegating to the pool I operate ticker ANP:



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