Hosting an Iagon storage container in Qnap Container station

ADA North Pool
4 min readJan 3, 2024

QNAP is a maker of network-attached storage (NAS) devices such as the TS-664. This guide will briefly show how to install the container station, fetch an ubuntu image and use it to have an Iagon storage cli with the file system from the NAS.

Step 1 Make sure you have one or more file volumes in storage & snapshot or create this (In this example I have 3 static volumes using raid6)

Step 2: Download Container Station

Step 3 prepare folders for the Container

Step 4 start Container Station and make a container

Step 4 create a docker image (in this example ubuntu:latest)

(remember to forward port also in router to the ip of the container)

Step 5 Go into the docker container

Step 6 add wget

Step 6create a new user, make user owner of folers, login as new user and wget the cli and make it executable.

create user in example here iagon
make user owner of folders you will use
change to iagon user
go to home directory of user
get the cli
Make cli executable

Step 7 create your node with the cli

Fill out the gb and port should match forward port (1061 in example)

Remember to write down your auth code at this step

Step 8 Backup your node config

Step 9 use the auth code to register your node and pay the Iagon tokens for providing the storage on the provider dashboard (remember to connect wallet to the DApp and then provide the storage)

Hope this is helpful. If you like my guide please consider delegating to the pool I operate ticker ANP:



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