Virtual Cardano. Guide on setting up Cardano relay node on a Proxmox virtual machine.

Upload iso image so that when we create the VM we can load the iso on a virtual cd-rom for installation.
First step is to create a virtual machine. You need an unique VM ID and name for the VM.
Select the ISO for ubuntu live server
You dont really need TMPv2.0 but it does not hurt either.
Set up the disk space. I use VirtIO as it is faster. If you load windows VM’s you will need to add extra drivers to support VirtIO. If you use ZFS or LVM-Thin you can use discard as well to only report the actual used space to the host.
I think it could be wise to have a 2nd disk where you put your cardano relay data. This way it is easy to know how much disk space comes from cardano and for IO performance you could dedicate a NVME to the relay.
In cpu type select host in general should be a good option. 4–8 cores should be sufficient. Many operations on cardano node still requires only 1 core but you can pass an argument to make it use more cores for some operations.
Memory should be 12GB or more — to err on the safe side I recommend having 16GB or more. Cardano node have allready grown from 8GB requirements to 12GB in the current offical hardware requirements.
Firewall off as you can do manual firewall in the VM itself and shave off a bit latency by doing this.
Start after creation
Proxmox will boot up with Ubuntu server and you can proceed with a normal installation of Ubuntu. I recommend turning off LVM option during formating of disks for Linux as you would just be doing this twice since host allready has either LVM or ZFS and that would net you a performance penalty.
In my case I put different relay configs in individual folders in config/ this is for relay1/
Chain extended and we are synching.
curl -s -o curl -s -o env chmod 755
12788 is EKG and 12798 is prometheus data that can be used by for example Grafana.



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