Ergo Nvidia miner on Windows 10 / Windows WSL with stratum pool

The miner and stratum proxy software will communicate with other computers and requires an internet connnection
You require a dedicated Nvidia GPU for this guide with more than 2GB of ram. The exact amount will depend on miner implementation. In later epochs for Ergo you will need even more than 2GB of ram.
Warning: Do not attempt to dual mine as the process is memory sensitive and it will corrupt your hash results.
This guide assumes you allready have a running stratum proxy server see guide:



-- 0100000101000100010000010010000001001110010011110101001001010100010010000010000001010000010011110100111101001100

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ADA North Pool

ADA North Pool 0100000101000100010000010010000001001110010011110101001001010100010010000010000001010000010011110100111101001100

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